December 1st, 2016 by Darcy

Hawaii’s premier sustainable architecture and design firm, Green Sand Architecture + Sustainability, will be presenting a multi blog series.

Topics include:

  • Every Decision Matters and the Small Things Add Up
  • Renovations are Inherently Green
  • Functional Rehabs
  • Luxury Living Off the Utility Grid
  • Designing for Pets
  • Why Hire an Architect?

When D’Arcy asked us to write about green architecture, it was hard to know where to start, there is so much great information to share. I would like to start with inspiring homeowners and renters alike to start thinking about life-cost and not first costs only. Sometimes spending a little more up front will save money in the long run and be better for you and the planet. An easy example of this is solar power. You invest money up front but get real savings in a few years after it has been paid off.

So what is “green” or sustainable architecture anyway? The terms have been co-opted and distorted over time but to us the terms mean better for you and your family and less impact on the planet. Every decision we make, from leaving the lights on to buying toxic paints to bringing toxins into the house on our dry cleaning, all impact our health and the environment both on a micro and global scale.

Rhonda Goyke
Green Sand Architecture + Sustainability


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