December 15th, 2016 by Darcy

A *Functional Rehab* is what we call a renovation which addresses a flaw in a home that is generally in good shape and livable.

Many times an existing home with great potential is too hot, or too dark, or too closed off or the layout does not work for a current family’s health challenge or aging in place. If your realtor finds you a home with great potential in your dream neighborhood, understand that these flaws can be fixed or greatly improved upon with proper design and technology.

Architecture is much more than picking paint colors and countertops. Architecture is about understanding at a deep level the goals and needs of the home owner and correcting a home’s flaws to meet your functional needs, customizing the home to meet your unique lifestyle and maximizing the assets of each home’s microclimate.

Below is a home with an upper level that was too hot to occupy from midafternoon to late in the evening. The family had to retreat to the lower levels much of the day. The easy solution is to add air conditioning. However, the owners did not want to use air conditioning.

Through the use of a variety of strategies this functional rehab improved the natural ventilation, increased natural light and lowered the interior temperature of the home which is now usable and comfortable all day year round.

Ventilation Diagram Green Sand Studies Each Project for Specific Solutions:ventilation600

Dream Kitchen for the Owners: Note the natural ventilation and daylightingdreamkitchen

Rhonda Goyke
Green Sand Architecture + Sustainability

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