September 5th, 2017 by Darcy

Crozier Drive, not part of the 7 miracle miles, however, an equally delightful beach

Ocean Villas and Turtle Bay Hotel above and below a portion of the 7 miracle miles



From Haleiwa to Sunset Beach is known as the 7 miracle miles. Three of the most famous surf breaks in the world are located here.
Waimea bay with the placid lake like profile in summer to winter’s waves reaching 50 feet. In Hawaii we measure wave size from the back of the wave not the front.
Ehukai (Pipeline), home of the Pipeline Masters surf contest in December. When this wave breaks in the shallow, it is only for the brave and trained waterman.

Sunset Beach, the second stop in the surfing triple crown event. 2017 holding period for the Vans Triple Crown is November 12 to December 20. Beautiful sunsets and great strolls on the beach in the summer time.

Haleiwa town has been shaped by the surf culture that permeates and feeds the community. An abundance of restaurants, gift shops, art galleries, and shopping opportunities abound.

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